NOTE: The Quiz has been designed to develop Daily Habit of the Contestants to pay attention to the development of their Brain and MIND.


  1. The Registrations for the Quiz have started from April 15, 2021 and the Quiz also started from the week starting from 18th April, 2021. The Quiz will be for 12 weeks, i.e., until 12th July, 2021.
  2. The Quiz will be Online for the Registered Contestants ONLY and each contestant can Login in their Account and participate in the Quiz.
  3. Only ONE QUESTION will be asked DAILY and all Contestants will have to answer the same.
  4. All Contestants will be given 60 seconds to answer the Question.
  5. The Contestant will be given OPTION after attempting the Question to write the details of his/her answer within 5 minutes. These answers will be called as DETAILED ANSWERS.
  6. The BEST DETAILED ANSWER will also be given Cash Prizes equal to the Prize money mentioned at Point No 8 below.
  7. Each Question will be of 10 Marks for the right answer only.
  8. The Marks of every right answer will be added to the following 3 types of Scorecards of the Contestant:
    1.       Weekly
    2.       4 Weekly and
    3.       12 Weekly Overall Scorecard
  9. The Contestants shall be given the following Prizes (Cash/Gifts/Items) based on their Scorecards:
    1.       Weekly Prize – Minimum Rs. 500/-
    2.       4 Weekly Prize - Minimum Rs. 1,100/-
    3.       12 Weekly Overall Prize – Minimum Rs. 5,100/-

      These Prizes would be given in Cash/ Gifts/ Items equivalent to the minimum value as mentioned above.
  10. The 12 Weekly Overall Scorecards will be based on the top scores in 8 Weeks. The leverage is given so that the Contestants who would join in 2nd, 3rd or 4th week will also have fair chance to win the 12 Weekly Overall Prize.

          12 Weekly Overall Scorecard = Sum of 8 Top Scores
  11. The Winners will be notified on the Mind Veda Portal at MIND VEDA PORTAL ONLY.
  12. The Cash Prizes and Other Gifts will be given through the Option of Online Transfer in the Accounts of the Contestants or they can be given in a combined monthly/ 12 Weekly Overall Function to be organized in Panchkula/ Chandigarh. The date, time and venue of the same shall also be notified on the Mind Veda Portal at MIND VEDA PORTAL ONLY.