Why Mind Veda?

Cinque Terre

Today’s world is plagued with polarities and atrocities- polarities between the rich and poor, the gap that seems to be endlessly widening; atrocities of the poor and the average, which comprise the majority of the population in the world.

However, what makes a person ‘poor’?
What does being ‘rich’ symbolize?
What do these terms mean?

Contrary to the globally- accepted narrative of poverty and wealth which is only described in numbers, in terms of our income and the money in our pockets or in our bank accounts, it is so much ‘more’.

Poverty is more than a lack of money, it is ‘having less’.
Poverty is unhappiness and victimization.
Poverty is poor health. Poverty is fear.
Poverty is materialism, and the poor have been swimming in a sea of its lack for the longest time.

The people who are poor think of money as the end goal, rather than thinking of money as the facilitator to the end goal, to every human’s innate state of being of wholeness. Poverty is blame, denial and hatred; poverty is voluntary dependency on our environment, just like handing over the pen to somebody else to write our own lives, to let somebody else write our destiny. We create poverty, first in our mind and bodies, and then we emit that internal state of poverty outside.

Wealth, on the other hand, is ‘having more’.
Wealth is happiness, and the wealthy are free.

Their thinking and mindset was made by them; they are not dependent upon anybody outside themselves. The goal of the wealthy is not to make money, rather the wealthy person’s goal is to have time- time to cherish and bathe in the blessing of being alive. Every day of a wealthy person’s life is brand new and not a shadow of yesterday. The wealthy make their destinies and their environment changes according to their requirements, not the other way round.

Wealth is power.
Wealth is love.
Wealth is health.

We create wealth, first in our mind and bodies, and then we reflect that internal light outside.
What this means, henceforth, is that we are not the victims to our destinies, but rather we are the creators. If we created poverty, then we can un-create it and create wealth. We have power. And that’s where the heart of Mind Veda lies: in creation of beautiful presents and futures in vibrant color. We believe in freedom, we believe in love.

Mind Veda is an innovative breakthrough in the form of a powerful 5-dimensional platform which covers the entire planet, leaving none unattended, being a complete life model of the wealthy. We are proud to say that it is the cure, so much more than a temporary quick-fix at the surface which numbs symptoms and problems but never erases them from the root. Mind Veda is the system which creates solutions; it is the ultimate solution.

For those individuals with a purpose to gain power over their lives, who want to live the happiest life with every moment infused with love over fear, power over lack and freedom over captivity; for those who want to be the leaders and kings and queens of their lives, Mind Veda is for you.